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WhereIveBeen.com changed their site and map code so this plugin is no longer working. I will work to fix it, but am not a developer so if anyone has ideas on how to please let me know.

Where I've Been + WordPressIntroducing the unofficial Where I’ve Been plugin for WordPress.

I decided to create the WordPress plugin after searching for an easy way to embed Where I’ve Been maps on WordPress blogs and not finding one. I’m not a developer and don’t really know PHP, but was able to hack this together creating my first WordPress Plugin. I’m open to code improvements, suggestions, and any help. I would love to see some examples of the plugin used, so if it’s running on your blog please leave me a comment and I’ll feature your site in the examples.

Current Version: 0.6.0
Requires at least: WordPress 2.7
Tested up to: WordPress 2.7.1
Download: Currently not available until it can be fixed. See note above for more info.

Live Demo

[whereivebeen uid=”8645665″ iid=”eiz7azadxjouvjhfezki5tfiw7npz9f5″ ]


1. Download and extract the “where-ive-been” folder.
2. Upload the “where-ive-been” folder to your WordPress plugin directory, usually “wp-content/plugins”.
3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin panel.
4. *Optional* If you wish, you may hard code your user id’s into the where-ive-been.php file. I only recommend doing this if you know what you’re doing.
5. Place the shortcode with the required values filled in wherever you wish for your map to be displayed. See usage for more info on how to configure the plugin.

To update the plugin simply use WordPress’s built in one-click updater. If you wish to upgrade manually simply repeat the installation steps.


Before you can embed the map on your blog, you will need to retrieve two user id’s found in the source code of your whereivebeen.com profile.

1. Go to http://www.whereivebeen.com and log in to your account.
2. Click on the “Profile” or “My Profile” buttons to pull up your map.
3. Right click in your browser and select “View Page Source”(Firefox), “View Source” (Internet Explorer & Safari).
4. Search the code (CTRL-f Windows, Command-f Mac) first for “uID” and then for “iID” and record each of the corresponding values that are single quotation marks.
Example: Person = { **uID: ‘0000000’**, sID: ‘Not Needed’, **iID: ‘00000000000000000000000000000000’** )
You are looking for the values that are represented as 0’s in the example. The uID will be around 8 digits long and the iID around 32 digits.

The plugin makes use of WordPress Shortcodes and has two required options and two optional ones.
Embed maps into your post or page using shortcode: [whereivebeen uid="Required" iid="Required" roundcorners="Optional" width="Optional"]

1. uid = *Required* Your unique 8 digit uID found on your whereivebeen.com profile (see above).
2. iid = *Required* Your unique 8 digit iID found on your whereivebeen.com profile (see above).
3. roundcorners = Optional. This option can be set to either ‘true’ or ‘false’, the default is ‘true’. This option will change the corners on the map window to either round(true) or square(false).
4. width = *Optional* Set the width if the default (570×360) is too wide for your blog. The height is automatically calculated.


Click the screenshots to load them in the lightbox.
Wordpress Where I've Been Screenshot 01Wordpress Where I've Been Screenshot 02

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use multiple maps on my site?
You may use multiple maps by using multiple shortcodes with different user id’s.

Does this plugin work on pre-2.7 WordPress installations?
I have personally only tested the plugin on WordPress 2.7+ installations. The plugin makes use of the Shortcode API that was released in WordPress 2.5, so it will possibly work on all versions after 2.5. If your feeling brave, test it out and let me know.

Milestones and Goals

Here is what I have planned for future versions.

  • Implement WordPress Admin Panel control.
  • Automatic fetching of uID and iID from profile page, similar to http://idgettr.com/


0.5 [2009.03.20]
* Added: Option to change the width of the map
* Minor code fixes and readme readability updates

0.5.1 [2009.03.19]
* Fixed: Removed unintended use of “smart quotes”

0.5 [2009.03.18]
* Initial Public Release
* Added: Shortcode support for changing rounded corners

0.4 [2009.03.18]
* Added: Shortcode support for uID and iID

0.1-0.3 [2009bc.03.01]
* Initial development phase. AKA “Pre-history”

Support = Community Based

I’m not a programmer (but I can try to fake it). If anyone wants to help add new features, clean up code, or help support the plugin leave a comment below. I may not be able to answer your question or solve the problem, but collectively we can.


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  3. Just trying out the plugin and noticed the download link has an inverted comma ‘ at the end of the link. The link works when that is cleared.

    Thanks for the info, I fixed the problem.

  4. Ed, I will be sure to update it once the new version is released. Do you have any suggestions as to what changes should be made to make it compatible with the upcoming version?

  5. I have the same problem as AJ in which my map will load but none of my locations are listed, only a blank map. I switched from the shortcode to pasting the php code into a page (which I had copied and edited from another person’s website to make sure it wasn’t the file I downloaded’s fault). What can I do? Thanks!

  6. please disregard my last comment.. I used to edit my map from within facebook, but apparently it didn’t update on whereivebeen.com .. all I have to do is go back into the main site and add my locations again and it shows on my website.. but thanks anyways 🙂

  7. My plugin has stopped working and I notice the demo map of your plugin page is not working either. Have Where I’ve Been changed something at their end to stop it working?

    • Where I’ve Been changed their map code. I’m working on updating it if possible. I sent them an email weeks ago, and never heard a response from them. I shall try again and see if they are will reply.

  8. If you’re still interested in getting this going again, shoot me an email.

    I’m at a point where I can help out. I have all of the flashvars and their values needed to get it going again (at least if they haven’t changed it since April 09 — which it doesn’t look like they have).

  9. @Coder: I received word that WIB is releasing an API that might help with the process. I’m not really sure what has changed from the previous versions, so maybe what you have is still useful. You can check out information regarding the API here: https://developers.whereivebeen.com . I’m interested in getting it working but really am not a programmer so any assistance would be appreciated. Take a look at the API site and see what you think. Thanks.

  10. The WIB API would be overkill for simply displaying your map via your plugin. Let’s take this off this thread if you want to continue.

  11. @Kevin I managed to get a version partly working on my website (see above). I will be doing some bug fixing and plan on releasing a new version shortly if things work out.

  12. Hey Nic, awesome site and great idea on the Where I’ve Been plugin! Any updates on the plugin or any ideas on how I could make the fixes you made to get the plugin to work on my site?

    Seems the iid is no longer in the page source at whereivebeen.com… (or maybe I’m just clueless 🙂 )

    Thanks and all the best!


  13. I just spent about 1 hour trying to unsuccessfully embed the Where I’ve Been map into my travel section – can’t believe it’s so hard to do it. the uID and iID seems to have been removed, and the link offered by Where I’ve Been doesn’t seem to be an embed at all

  14. WhereIveBeen.com changed their site and map code so this plugin is no longer working. I will work to fix it, but am not a developer so if anyone has ideas on how to please let me know.

    It’s possible to insert a map into a blog. I used Firebug plugin for Firefox to view the source. I logged in as another person and added myself as a friend. Then looked my (original me) source code using Firebug of the Whereivebeen map and copied to my blog.

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  16. Does this plugin still function? It shows up on my blog, but the map does not ever load. I have a password protected site, but that should not matter. Any help is appreciated.

  17. Is this plugin still being worked on?

    I consistently had wrong locations on my about page and sidebar while traveling from 2010 – 2012…and we built Oh Hey World as a result. One of the things we’ve built is a wp plugin that makes it super easy to keep the “currently in” component of your site up to date.

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