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EU & UK Photoshop Passport Photo Template Release

*Update Feb 2016* 
Due to the popularity of this template, I created a better and easier solution for both travelers and professional photographers. I’m happy to announce the launch of You can create passport photos online for FREE. For professionals, there is also a new updated template and expanded service that automates many photo sizes. Go check it out!

EU & K Photoshop Passport Photo TemplateI have created a new version of my US Photoshop Passport Photo Template for European Union and United Kingdom passport and visa photos.

The template simplifies the creation of two 45x35mm photos required for many passport and visa applications and outputs to a standard print size of 15x10cm that can be printed at most photo labs. I took great care to make sure that it meets the sizing requirements set by the UK Home Office Identity and Passport Service, so it should work for most countries that require 45x35mm photos.

Here’s the best part: It is available for free for non-commercial use.

Head over to the template page to grab the download, and be sure to let me know what you think.

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Vibram Five Fingers Sprint Review

Vibram Five Fingers Review (1 of 6)

Let’s get into this quickly. I love my Vibram Five Fingers, but they are not with out problems. I’ve had the shoes for almost six months now, and they have seen pretty heavy usage. This review will give some of my thoughts on the construction, care and usage of the Vibram Five Fingers. Hopefully you will find it helpful if you are thinking about picking up a pair.

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Juarez, Mexico. Photo Essay

Juarez, Mexico.

Killings show up every day in the news. Politicians on both sides of the border cast blame. Despite all drug related violence, the citizens of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico have to go on living their lives and have problems of their own to face. The current economic crisis is making it difficult to find jobs and as the city expands outwards neighborhoods are popping up without basic utilities. In early January 2009 I traveled to Juarez, Mexico with some friends to build a house for a family in need. This photo essay is about my time spent there.

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Where I’ve Been WordPress Plugin changed their site and map code so this plugin is no longer working. I will work to fix it, but am not a developer so if anyone has ideas on how to please let me know.

Where I've Been + WordPressIntroducing the unofficial Where I’ve Been plugin for WordPress.

I decided to create the WordPress plugin after searching for an easy way to embed Where I’ve Been maps on WordPress blogs and not finding one. I’m not a developer and don’t really know PHP, but was able to hack this together creating my first WordPress Plugin. I’m open to code improvements, suggestions, and any help. I would love to see some examples of the plugin used, so if it’s running on your blog please leave me a comment and I’ll feature your site in the examples.

Current Version: 0.6.0
Requires at least: WordPress 2.7
Tested up to: WordPress 2.7.1
Download: Currently not available until it can be fixed. See note above for more info.

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Photo Tour: Shanghai Fake Market

Near the end of my time in China last December I decided to head to one of Shanghai’s "fake markets" for some last minute Christmas gifts. While I had been to the various markets around the city before, this time I brought my camera.

Shanghai Fake Market
Watch! Bag! DVD?!

Whenever approached by street hawkers, I started taking photos of them.
They stopped trying to sell me things pretty quickly.