The Person

I am a photographer, web designer, world traveler, entrepreneur, drummer, lifehacker and all around technology geek. My goal for 2010 is to become a location independent, self-sufficient entrepreneur. If you want to lend a hand in any way, feel free to contact me.

I am personally interested in the convergence of media, social interaction and mobile computing and am always toying with new project ideas. I hold a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of South Dakota. I focused my studies on international business and entrepreneurship. I’m currently working as a web designer in Shanghai, China along with working on select freelance projects.

The Web Site

NicMyers.com has gone through several versions over the years. In this current version I am attempting to combine my professional portfolios, my blog, as well as various social media utilities into one cohesive product. The site is ever-changing, and I am constantly tweaking things in the name of usability. I’ve tried to move to a more gradual approach to maintenance, rather than launching yearly redesigns.

The blog is focused on photography, web design, mobile freelancing, entrepreneurship, travel and whatever I feel like at the time. In the past I tried limiting myself to certain topics, but I found it, well, too limiting.The site is my playground and topics will range from business to slightly personal, no guarantees. Things have to progress and stay fun for me otherwise there is no reason to continue blogging.

This site is powered by WordPress and is using a custom theme/framework I designed to manage my portfolio and blog on one installation. WordPress has it’s limitations in this respect, but has the extreme amount of flexibility that I required. I couldn’t have done it by myself, and I must thank the community of theme developers, plugin developers and web innovators that are making WordPress such a powerful platform.

The Company

I formed Nic Myers Holdings LLC in May 2009. It is meant as a holding company for my various other projects and businesses. The main businesses that operate under it go by the names of W3Designs and W3Photo which focus on web design and photography as their names suggest. I’ve been operating under the W3Designs name since 2001, which was originally started to do work for small bands.

I love preserving the past, especially when it comes to web design, mostly because it makes for a good laugh. I’ve had a place on the web since around 1997 (Geocities, yeah!) and have not left since. I’ve left (some) of the previous versions of my website online starting with Version 1: 2000-2001, Version 2: 2003-2005, and Version 3: 2005-2007. Enjoy.

The Rest

If you simply must know more, you have some options, it’s kind of scary in a way. You can find me all over the web on different applications or head over to my contact page to get in touch with me. I love meeting new people, so say hello, that is unless you’re a spammer. In that case Akismet will deal with you. He (I think of it as my guard dog) has already taken care of almost 50,000 spam comments.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.
Nic Myers

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  • Twitter: My main account. Topics vary from personal to business.
  • LinkedIn: For business inquiries.
  • Flickr: My non-professional snapshots. Mostly for my family.
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  • Last.fm: Charting my music listening habits.
  • Vimeo: Some various videos.