Seven Years Ago

As often happens in life, things get brushed aside.

Seven years ago I was at a grape harvest in the Penedès region of Spain, just outside of Barcelona. It was a beautiful day and I was eager to shoot photos as it was my first grape harvest, so the harvesters put up with me running around the vineyard. It’s a silly idea though when you think about it. I crawled around the dusty vines to get low shots of the pickers, climbed up a greasy truck to get some overview shots (and ruined my pants in the process), and all of this just to watch some guys who were just showing up for a day of work to pull some fruit off a vine.

I guess that’s much of photography, identifying simple things that are often overlooked and bringing a human element to the story.

We pick up the story where I left off years ago.

I have a backlog. 30+ countries later I haven’t stopped taking photos, I just stopped posting momentarily. Life gets in the way, work gets in the way, there are always excuses. Now it’s time to catch up.

Grape Harvest in the Penedès, Spain

Grape Harvest in the Penedès wine region of Spain. August 2009. Image 01
Grape Harvest in the Penedès wine region of Spain. August 2009.

The end of August marks the beginning of grape harvest season in the Penedès wine region of Spain. Tractors overloaded with grapes crowd the roads and create traffic jams on the normally empty roads. Even the locals who know the back-road shortcuts aren’t immune to being stuck behind a grape harvesting machine or truck hauling grapes back to a winery. Small villages in the area run communal grape presses and the smell of wine production fills the air as you pass by them.
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Panoramic: Penedès Wine Region, Spain

This panoramic was captured on a biking trip through parts of the Penedès Wine Region of Spain. The village in the background is la llacuna, Spain with views of the mountain of Montserrat behind it.

Panoramic of the Penedès Wine Region of Spain
Panoramic of the Penedès Wine Region of Spain, 2009.

Click to view a larger version of the photo. When the image loads in the lightbox, click and drag to view the entire panoramic.

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Biking the Penedès Wine Region, Spain

Biking through the Penedès  Wine Region of Spain

I am doing a WorkAway in the Penedès Wine region of Spain a few hours outside of Barcelona. My host runs a wine tourism business which partly specializes in giving tours of the wine region on bike. This Sunday we set out for a 30km ride to see some of the sights around the area. Click “continue reading” to check out the rest of the photos.

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This Will Destroy You @ Lido. Berlin, Germany

This Will Destroy You at Lido. Berlin, Germany

I had the opportunity to shoot This Will Destroy You at Lido in Berlin, Germany last Sunday. This Will Destroy You is an instrumental rock back from Texas that I discovered earlier in the year thanks to one of my favorite web comics, Questionable Content. Since then it’s been on non-stop playback. Check out the rest of the post for some more photos and some photo notes.

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