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  • Vibram Five Fingers Sprint Review

    Let’s get into this quickly. I love my Vibram Five Fingers, but they are not with out problems. I’ve had the shoes for almost six months now, and they have seen pretty heavy usage. This review will give some of my thoughts on the construction, care and usage of the Vibram Five Fingers. Hopefully you […]

  • Juarez, Mexico. Photo Essay

    Killings show up every day in the news. Politicians on both sides of the border cast blame. Despite all drug related violence, the citizens of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico have to go on living their lives and have problems of their own to face. The current economic crisis is making it difficult to find jobs and […]

  • Where I’ve Been WordPress Plugin

    WhereIveBeen.com changed their site and map code so this plugin is no longer working. I will work to fix it, but am not a developer so if anyone has ideas on how to please let me know. Introducing the unofficial Where I’ve Been plugin for WordPress. I decided to create the WordPress plugin after searching […]

  • Lhasa Panoramic 2 HDR

    This panoramic was captured from the front of Potala Palace and is looking over Lhasa, Tibet. It is comprised of four RAW images processed in Photomatix, and then combined in Photoshop. For a view of Lhasa from the back of Potala Palace check out my previously posted panoramic. Lhasa, Tibet. October 2007 When the image […]

  • Lhasa Tibet Panoramic

    Last October I had the privilege of exploring Tibet with some classmates. I took this panoramic overlooking Lhasa from the back of Potala Palace. Please be patient when loading the image, it’s very large. Lhasa, Tibet. October 2007 When the image loads in the lighbox, click and drag to view the entire panoramic.