Welcome to the Neighborhood

I have been living in Shanghai, China since the middle of May but have not got around to posting anything expect to my flickr account and the previous post, the photo of the Shanghai skyline. Today i discovered that a site called city8.com has a Google street view type service for Shanghai. For the uninitiated, Google street view gives you a street level view of the happenings along any given street in a city. They accomplish this by installing a 360 degree camera on the top of a van and driving up and down every street in a city. I’m assuming the photo is geotaged with gps coordinates at the time of capture, and using some proprietary technology they are placed on the map. Without further introduction, take some time and look around my neighborhood and let me know what you think. The place that should load up at the start is my apartment gate, from here use the controls to go up and down the street, and click around inside to pan around or zoom in.

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