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  • Urban Poverty in China

    A man sleeping in Shanghai, China. The urban poor population of China is estimated to be as high as 37 million. To learn more about how you can help out please visit blogactionday.org

  • Photo Tour: Shanghai Fake Market

    Near the end of my time in China last December I decided to head to one of Shanghai’s "fake markets" for some last minute Christmas gifts. While I had been to the various markets around the city before, this time I brought my camera. Watch! Bag! DVD?! Whenever approached by street hawkers, I started taking […]

  • Mao Extinguisher

    Tiananamen Square, Beijing, China. The fire extinguisher is most likely there in response to a man throwing a burning object at the portrait in May 2007.

  • West Lake. Hangzhou, China

    Sunset over West Lake (西湖) in Hangzhou, China.

  • Hong Kong Panoramic #2

    Hong Kong Island from Kowloon, Hong Kong, China This is a response to the last panoramic i posted. It is taken overlooking the Hong Kong skyline from the Kowloon side, opposite that of the previous one which was taken on the Hong Kong peak. I used a total of 3 horizontal shots from my 30D […]