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Let’s get into this quickly. I love my Vibram Five Fingers, but they are not with out problems. I’ve had the shoes for almost six months now, and they have seen pretty heavy usage. This review will give some of my thoughts on the construction, care and usage of the Vibram Five Fingers. Hopefully you will find it helpful if you are thinking about picking up a pair.


I can’t walk down the street and not catch someone giving me a weird look. People tend to look at shoes much more than you would think. It doesn’t stop at just the looks; I’ve had everything from giving impromptu product demonstrations in stores, to crowds of people surrounding me in a restaurant asking me about the shoes. For a traveler this is great, as anything that can help break the ice right away and make it easier for people to open up to you can be a benefit.

I’ve been traveling now since May 20th and have seen parts of Germany, Turkey and the Netherlands. I brought two pairs of shoes with me on my travels: a pair of leather dress shoes for going out and formal occasions and my Vibram Five Fingers Sprint for everything else. I would estimate that I wear the Five Fingers around 95% of the time that I’m out and about (around the apartment I go barefoot,) so they see their share of abuse.

Build Quality

After a month or so of really heavy usage the Five Fingers have taken a beating. The soles are holding up well, with almost no visible wear. The cloth used on the top of the sprint model is a different story. The rubber on left big toe got caught on a crack in the sidewalk, which lead to the toe dragging agaisnt the concrete forming a hole (see photo). I also have developed a hole between the big toe and fourth toe (or between the little piggy that went to market and the one that stayed home if you will), that most likely formed through friction (see photo). I was able to find some thread that matched the shoes and sewed a temporary patch, but hoped they would hold up to a bit more abuse.

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I was extremely sad when this happened.

Vibram Five Fingers Review  (3 of 6)

Even more so when I found this.


You absolutely must keep up on the cleaning or the shoes become uncomfortable to wear. If the thought of cleaning your shoes weekly (or more) under heavy usage is too much for you, you best look elsewhere. Sweat from your feet mixes with dust that gets into the shoes and forms a black paste that adheres to the microfiber bottom. After a day or two of walking around (about 4-5 hours on your feet walking around a city each day), you have to clean them or the sweat/dust paste starts to get slippery and your foot slides around. It’s a terrible feeling, trust me.

Washing them with water and a bit of soap cleans them right up, and only takes about five minutes. I would recommend hand washing them, as I found the washing machine too harsh on the fabric. The fabric around the toes on my sprints is starting to get frayed after the first washing using a machine (see photo). The fraying is mostly a cosmetic issue, and shouldn’t have any noticeable physical effect on the shoes. While it may not be the best option, to keep them looking better I started shaving the frayed fabric off with a standard razor. The concept of shaving your shoes might seem kind of weird, but it seems to work pretty well and keeps the shoes looking better (see photo). Drying them works best in the sun, which can take only a few hours. If you dry them inside away from the sun, plan on letting them sit overnight.

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Fuzziness from the washing machine.

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Yep. Shaving my shoes.


Vibram Five Fingers are the Swiss Army Knives of shoes. Going rock climbing then sailing? no problem. Need to walk over broken glass all day? Done that. Here are a few of my experiences with them.

Walking: Walking is one area the my Sprints excel at. You can feel every texture beneath your feet. Walking around Europe has been a dream with cobblestone roads and other textures on the street everywhere. It may not be for everyone, but noticing the various textures has added to my travel experience. On some days I’ve put 5-6 hours of walking in while traveling and while wearing the Five Fingers my feet are in far less pain at the end of the day than they would be if I was wearing other shoes.

The day after I arrived in Germany in May, the football (soccer) team from the town I am staying in won the German championship. A huge city wide party took place and there was broken glass everywhere. There was no way to avoid walking on the glass but the Five Fingers (and my feet) came through unscathed. I wouldn’t recommend walking on broken glass all the time, but if your worried about the durability of the soles it’s a pretty good example of their strength.

Vibram Five Fingers Review glass

The whole downtown of Wolfsburg, Germany was like this. Deutsche Meister!

Slacklining: Slacklining with the Five Fingers is almost as good as being barefoot, almost. You can feel the line pretty well and they don’t get in the way. When wearing them for slacklining I worry about getting my toes caught in thinner lines due to the rubber between the toes. It may not be that much of an issue, but it’s something that I will figure out when I get more experience with them. The only solution to this problem is not falling off the line.

Water/Beach: Sand gets into the Sprints which makes its way into the toes creating a sandpaper type effect. I took them off on the beach as I found the grinding of sand against my toes uncomfortable, and no matter how hard you try your going to get sand/rocks inside them. They don’t seem to dry too quickly once they get wet, so if you are planning on wearing them in the water and then out again, plan on having a slightly squishy feeling until they fully dry. I think some of the other models like the KSO’s would be much better for water activities.

Running: Running in the Sprints is also a pretty good experience, but is something you have to work yourself into. If you try running right away you will most likely be in pain. Gradually work your way into it over a few weeks and let your feet muscles get built up. Though even after the break in period, I find running on grass far more enjoyable than concrete as it puts far less stress on your feet.

Bouldering/Rock Climbing: I tried using them for bouldering on my home wall, but had some problems getting a grip on some of the smaller holds. I have not put them though a full climbing test, but in comparison to my bouldering shoes they appear to have less grip in the heal area, which could cause problems on some holds. If you are thinking of buying them as dedicated climbing shoes, you might want to see them in person before buying them, but for people who want a casual climbing shoe they should work great. This is another area that I will require more experience in before I can give a good recommendation for this usage.


I have flat feet and I’ve been known to drag my feet and wear out the back of my shoes. I also have problems with my posture and my back being sore. While they are not a miracle fix for the issues, since I have been wearing the shoes my posture and back have noticeably improved. I also don’t have the problem of dragging my feet anymore. The fact that your feet are getting stronger while wearing them is a huge perk for me. I’ve never felt like my feet have been in better condition.

The Five Fingers have some issues, but for me the positive aspects far outweigh the negative. There is a break in period, but once you get past it they are great. When my pair wears out, I will be most definitely purchasing a new pair. I just hope by then they have some better color choices.

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I suck at sewing but the patch works well.

* Update *

Fast forward six or so months from when this review was written. In all my Five Fingers saw 11 countries in 2009 with almost straight use every day during seven months that I was traveling around the world. I wasn’t exactly easy on then, so the above review should be an accurate deception of what you can expect from them under heavy usage. From my understanding Vibram has addressed some of the durability issues with the newer updates to the Five Fingers and some of the problems I experienced should be taken care of. Though when you put any product under heavy usage for a period of time things fail (as will be showcased in an upcoming article regarding my travel gear).

While in Bangkok in November my Five Fingers finally gave out. The right shoe now has a hole in the bottom about an inch in diameter, and the tops of them have multiple rips from catching my foot on cement. I was sad to retire them, as it meant I had to wear normal shoes for the rest of my adventures. I really miss wearing them and can’t wait to get a new pair.

RIP Five Fingers

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  1. I bought them two days ago and I’m still getting used to them. I’m going to use them only for a few hours in the first days, so that my foot will make the habit, and also the shoes will adapt to my foot.

  2. SKhills: I might have to try the KSO model next. In addition to keeping sand and rocks out they will help remove the odd tan line that comes with wearing the sprints/classics out in the sun.

    Oscar: One key thing when first wearing the shoes is to make sure you adjust the straps properly. My girlfriend developed large bruises on the back of her feet after walking around with them and not having her heal seated firmly in the back. If your foot feels like it is moving around a lot, loosen the back straps slide your heal all the way to the back and then tighten the straps.

  3. I just repaired a similar hole to the one you show here — I have the Classics. I’m pretty sure the damage was caused by my cat telling me it’s not okay to pet her with my foot, no matter what I’m wearing! I can’t fault the product for that.

    I was concerned about continued unraveling and did some searches for repair hints, which is how I found your blog. What I was wondering is, would it be a good idea to singe the edges of the hole? Plastic-based fabrics melt a bit when you do this. I didn’t find the answer on-line, so I tried it and … yes, that seems to be a good idea. You have to take some care not to enlarge the hole in the process, but I was able to melt the edges of the hole and I’m pretty sure it won’t unravel further. Then I proceeded to mend it with thread much as you have. Since the singed edge seemed a potential scratchy spot, I ran thread all around the edge before crossing the gap. In retrospect, I needn’t have bothered, since the fabric stands away from my toe at this point and is over my toenail anyway!

    I was pleased to find your article and see that your repair has held up.

  4. Amy,
    Thanks for the tip! I used it when repairing the large hole that was in between my toes, and I think it will defiantly help the hole from spreading. I didn’t run thread around the edge of the hole as you did, but it turned out alright anyway. Thanks again.

  5. I got my sprint shoes a couple of months ago.
    They are not good for bike riding. The pedals have plastic treads and dig in too much. I was going to try to make a silicon pedal cover and see if that helps.

    They do get smelly, I would recommend hand washing them often.

    My friend got a pair, and on the second day had the same problem you did with the 3rd picture down. He sent them back, and with a small hassle got a new pair.

    I had one guy look at me and start laughing hysterically. I must have given him a look because he apologized and told me that my shoes were hilarious.

    I would recommend these shoes to anyone that is interested in them.

  6. Thanks for the info…I was very curious about the shoes and you have provided a wealth of info!

  7. I bought these today and wore them for 4 hours.

    after having no luck with podiatrists, orthotics, orthopedists i am working with a chiropractor in hopes of easing pain in my feet. i told the chiropractor i had read about these shoes and i intended to “trust mother nature” and go sort of barefoot to see if my pain could be relieved. the first time he saw the shoes, he said he thought they were great and he was going to get them too. i can see that building strength in the foot muscles and ligaments should help with all things postural. podiatrists will be against these because they will eliminate the need for orthotics (a big part of their business).

  8. Mary, I think doctor’s will be excited. They can sell them in their shop, In addition to the other things.

    Chris, their customer service is not the best. My friend ordered some, and the second day the shoes separated from the sole. He only walked in them. We immediately sent them back. Two weeks later they tell us they are out of every shoe in his size. Then, they tell him it will be 2 months before getting a new pair. Every customer service person said a different thing. In the end, he got his shoes in less than two months, but it was frustrating.

    As for washing them, I bought a dollar store toothbrush, I fill up the sink, and scrub them with baking soda detergent. It seems to work well. I have a huge problem with them smelling though.

  9. I bought my classics 3 months ago and I’m already pushing 500 miles in them. I haven’t had any problems with the uppers, although I am starting to show wear on the soles –but I would expect that with any shoe after that kind of usage.

    I machine wash mine once or twice a week and I haven’t had any fuzzing of the fabric. Actually, from the photo it looks as if your velcro may have caught on the fabric in the machine and ripped at it. I’ve had that problem when washing items that have heavy duty velcro on them. I ended up making very sure that they were securely fastened before washing and then putting them in a delicates bag. A bit of a pain but I hated the fuzzing effect.

    I’m going to try a pair of flow’s next, Winter will be here all to soon and I dread the thought of putting on something confining to walk in.

  10. I have been wearing the 5 fingers for 3 1/2 years now. I enjoy them so much they have become my primary shoes and I have a few of each style. I get stares and comments every where I go form the hardware store, the mall, the gym, the grocery store, church, etc…i love them. Every thing that you describe in the article I agree with. i’m trying to figure out how to repair the big toe area of several soles. I will save this article and pass it on to my clients and friends who have bought them or all those who ask me questions. Good article thanks!

  11. great review. Especially on the recommendation on hand washing them, I found that many times people recommend washing them in the machine but this causes problems, even with my regular clothes.. or maybe im just not that great at laundry! Anyway, I saw this video and information about deodorizing the shoe. Do you have input on that aspect of it?

    Thanks again, I hope you do a review of KSO’s as well!

  12. Excellent review of the Sprints. I’m not sure how I missed it the first time around, but I just updated my post of reviews from that week to include yours:

    That said, it looks like your last comment here from jasonfathm may be spam. I’m not sure if he even watched the video embedded at barefootrunningshoes, but it has little to do with cleaning VFFs despite the title of the youtube video.

    I see these types of comments and links to barefootrunningshoes on virtually any blog post that discusses VFFs (though whoever the man/woman is behind them tends to stay off my site — probably b/c they realize I’m on to their game).

    Anyway – great review. Never ever considered shaving my VFFs … interesting idea 🙂

  13. I was introduced to these shoes not even a day ago and I have been enchanted ever since. I love being bare-foot and these seem like the next best thing. It’s great to find a review by someone who has tested them to such extremes as a trip all around Europe in addition to many more typical activities(walking, running, climbing).

    Thank you for a mixed review of the positives as well as the negatives!

  14. I am amazed how popular they got, when they are of SUCH POOR QUALITY. After a few months the seams around the big toes become loose and rip, and that’s only after moderate use, if you run in them they don’t last even that. Can you afford to spend a hundred dollars (or pounds/euros if you’re in Europe) for a pair of shoes every 2 months just to look different?

  15. I’ve had my KSOs over a year and a half, Classics 6 months, and just bought another color of KSOs. I haven’t had any problems besides the smell which is taken care of with regular washing. My feet are stronger, and they’re even straightening the toe between middle and pinky which became crooked from cramped shoes.

  16. i have flat feet as well. just got my sprints yesterday. how long was your ‘break in’ period? i’ve been wearing them a couple hours a day. I would just like to get a baseline of what to expect. thanks!

  17. There are socks – Injinji’s – which feel great with the VFF’s (I think they make them even more comfortable) and should eradicate the dirt/smell issues.

    My question is: I bought a size larger than suggested by the chart, and even then, my big toe is a bit uncomfortably pressed against the rubber at the tip of the big toe compartment (yes, even without socks). The next size up is way too big. Has anyone had any adverse affects from wearing these? It seems like this kind of pressure could only create bunion-like issues.

  18. Re: Socks. I wear regular store bought toe socks with mine. I get the thinnest ones on the rack. They rip after a few uses, but I stock up during a big sale. It has helped a ton with the smell, and made them more comfortable. The vibram ones are fairly expensive. Especially when you can get them 2 for $1 other places (USD).

    I accidentally bought a size too big. After a friend had a horrible time with their customer service, so I decided to see what I could do first. I just tightened the back strap to fit my foot. (Sprints) I’m on year 2 now. No issues. I’ve done just about every sport and activity in them. Biking is not a good idea, unless you wrap the pedals in silicone. They saved my live, I swear, while I went rock climbing and slipped on wet rocks. I was able to grip my toes around a rock and steady myself. In normal shoes, that couldn’t have happened.

    They’re my favorite shoes. (Out of the well over a hundred I have) I’m getting the other styles soon.

  19. I’m absolutely enamoured with these Sprint VFF’s!! I tried them on for the first time just 2 days ago and I just can’t stop thinking about them. In the short period of time that they were on my feet (roughly about 10 minutes), I felt such changes to my posture and gait. Chiropractors and Podiatrists have told me that I have muscle atrophy in the arch of my feet. The muscle atrophy causes me to over pronate. The pressure from the over pronation creates bunions on both of my big toes. I currently wear orthotics and have not seen any improvement from them. Besides my bunions, my toes cramp inward to form a point. (from a combination of gentics and years of wearing pointy toe heels). WITH ALL THAT SAID, when I put the Sprints on, the shoes actually separate and position each toe correctly so as to train each of them to be anatomically positioned and not scrunched. Mind you, it took me quite a while to get each toe in the right socket due to my toes being scrunched. But, once they were in, they felt much healthier and free. Is it possible that these “magic” shoes could realign my toes, increase the muscle strength in my arch, improve my posture and therefore, decrease my neck and upper back pain caused by my misalignment?

  20. Your review has been really helpful for someone like me who has just gotten a pair of Sprints, especially your “walk in the beach” experience which gave me a head’s up on what to expect regarding the sand issue — indeed, the KSO would seem to be the appropriate pair to wear when walking on sand.

    Might I add that they do well as driving shoes too! Although, that would probably be the case for experienced drivers, or people who are used to driving barefoot (it could be a different case for beginning / student drivers — various shoe sizes and shapes affect how the car pedals feel).

    I’ve another case to bring up for everyone in the thread — does your office environment mind your wearing of five fingers? I think the shoes will be of great help for people who do desktop work all day. It’s bad enough that sitting down for at least 8 hours affects your back and overall posture, so why not have the aid of the five fingers as you walk home, stand in line at the bus stop or in a full train on the way home? Hopefully it wouldn’t be much of a bother for the office if bringing an “office pair” along with a “comfort and health pair” would seem a hassle.

  21. Having vff has been quit an experience, I find myself constantly giving out the speech on how vff are better for your feet to friends, family and random people on the street. I’ll list some notes on what I tell people about the vffs.
    -builds mussel not normally used when in shoes
    -prevents flat foot
    -can solve lower back problems
    -last but not least I love walking barefoot without my feet getting cut up

  22. Im looking to buy my first pair of VFF’s and trying to decide between the sprint and the KSO. I like the look of the sprint better but would be disappointed if I sacrificed much comfort for that. I live in the city and most of the time would be on concrete or grass with them but I especially want to be able to use them for camping, walking/running trails, climbing and some water sports. Is there that much of an issue with “stuff” getting in the sprints? Does anyone strongly recommend one over the other for a good all around type model? I live in Texas so its usually pretty hot if that matters at all…

  23. I like the sprints. I don’t have much of an issue with getting stuff in them. Especially since you live in a more populated area, you won’t have an issue. They suck for sand and dirt… but so do the KSO’s. There are just some things that will get in no matter which model you buy. The thing w/ the sprints though is that they come with a WONDERFUL tan line… so keep that in mind, especially if you have an event requiring different shoes.

  24. Fivefingers are good, but there is a manufacturing defect in the way the strap frays. I have two pairs for KSO’s, one is 9 months old and the other is 6 months, and on both of them, the straps are fraying on the eye. This is a big surprise as I don’t run in them and mostly use them in office and walking. The odd part is the I called the Vibram USA customer service, and Stefan there told me that they have not had any complaints about it. So well, now they have one :)..

  25. […] get use to a running routine and slowly integrate the Vibram FiveFingers as suggested by reviewer Comments No Comments Your […]

  26. Hello,
    need your advice.
    Im using my FF KSO for swimming in the ocean.
    To dry them after takes too much time as official website recommends to dry them away from direct sun light. In your post I saw that you used to dry them on a sun. Im a bit confused. Can I dry them on a sun?

    • I’ve never had a problem with drying them in the sun, though I guess it might be wise to listen to what they recommend. What might be a bigger problem for you is the effect of salt water on the material. I would suggest washing them in fresh water every time you finish a salt water swim. If you really want to be protected, maybe check at a dive shop to see what type of detergent they use to clean their gear after a dive.

  27. @ Mario… every once in awhile they send out a dud shoe. My bf’s first pair broke 2 days after buying them. We’ve had ours for a year and a half and have had no major problems. If you hate the look so much, why did you buy them?
    As for drying, I put them in the sun if I can. If I cant, i hang them in the tub, use my hairdryer on the cool setting, then let them hang through the night. DO NOT put them in the washer and dryer. I don’t know why they recommend cleaning them that way. As for detergents, I use normal dish soap, laundry soap, and I use oxy clean if the yellow sole is nasty, an old toothbrush works great.
    @ Parth, Yeah I had that issue with the KSO’s, a year after having them. I’m handy with a needle and thread, and stitched up a strap for it with thick ribbon type stuff. The mesh started separating from the solid fabric, but a simple whip stitch with thicker thread took care of it. And, their customer service SUCKS! They will always say they’ve never had that issue… even if it’s the 4th time you’re reporting it.

  28. I bought my Bilila’s less than four months ago. I only put about 15 miles a week in them, yet the bottoms have detached from the upper, fabric portion. Any suggestions as to how to repair? I loved running in them (was very gradually building miles), but overall have been hugely disappointed in the quality.

  29. I love these shoes, but mine developed holes in the soles within 2 months. I wore them a lot, but wasn’t necessarily hard on them. I was highly disappointed, and certainly can’t afford to replace them that often.

  30. I didn’t read through all the post, so I don’t know if this has already been posted. Nic, I recommend buying a mesh lingerie bag for your Vibrams and wash in the gentle or hand-wash cycle. I have the Bikilas and my boyfriend has the Treksports and Sprints for a couple years total – we haven’t had to shave anything thus far. As for what Dmitry said, direct sunlight cases fading, but putting paper in the shoes near a heat source to absorb water may work. If you live in a humid climate it will take longer to dry. For Theresa, I recommend Shoe Goo (an adhesive and sealant) and Anna, buy at REI. I work in the footwear department there and if you ever have any problems with a purchase come back to us. If your a member, you don’t even need your receipt. Two months is a too little time for a piece of footwear or really any product to fail!

  31. Ive had issue with 4 pairs 1 pair bikila 3 days toes unglued. 2nd pair bikila same thing sole separate right off. for my 3rd pair i exchange for kso instead no toe separation but pull tab came stitching came apart after 2h . 4th pair kso mailed to me same size but material is so tight i manege to get foot in i can only where for 5 min and my foot goes lil numb am tired dealing with the company not sure i will buy another pair seems a lot factory defects and inconsistency i am pissed off at them and i want my money back
    such peace of garbage and no i am not a spammer or getting paid for this i am a pissed off consumer and will wright this where ever i can find a revue don’t buy this crap

  32. ok so its all good now their not sure why the material is so tight on this pair and the color is so different the inside is orange not yellow and the straps are so short might have bee a manufacturing issue but they are shipping me a pair of bikila in the mail should be here in next 2 weeks so i can go for a jog im happy now took to phone calls and got to talk to ryan and was big help cant wait to get my bikilas and if this work will be getting bikila ls and a pair of kimodo and for the winter a pair of kso flow

  33. I just purchased my first pair of Classics, at the advice of my doctor (for lower back pain). I went into a local retail store and had my foot sized; the lady told me I would need a size 37; so I went online and ordered a pair (b/c the local store didn’t have the color I wanted in that size). I have only worn them for about 2 hours today. My big toes feel very cramped – in fact the end rubs against the edge. Should I give this time? Or was I sized incorrectly? Also, my heels were rubbing against the back of the shoe and it was causing blisters. I went out and purchased those heel comfort straps, and we’ll see if that helps tomorrow. Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you.

  34. ive never had the clasic but i was sized in a shop and the vff sizing tool they used was far off it said size 52 but i take a size 12 shoe witch is = to size 47in bikila and kso i notice on vibram website they changed the way to size you look at youre shoe size nowand it tells you the size in vff you need depending on the model the chart is difrent ive never had blisters from my kso or and my bikilas seen to have even less friction spots and have lil more cushon for walking and hikeing i use kso for watter and bikila for running hicking walking but they culd be too small check out the website and see from what i think is if you rais youre big toe up it shuld barely touch the end of the vff and when down shuld not touch the end becuse once you start moving around alot youre foot tends to slid forward if you tighten the strap too much it pulls you foot forward

    sory no speel checker did my best with my disability to make it legible

  35. I have found the same problem. I got my first pair of Vibrams at the beginning of this semester (around the end of February/beginning of March). I wear the Jaya which is strictly a women’s style and is made for more cross training than everyday wear. I am going to do a 2 month old update of my vibrams on my blog. What I have noticed is that the rubber toe pads see a lot of wear and working out and walking in my vibrams 100% of the time has made them pretty smelly. I am beginning to experiment with new ways of cleaning then, including using denture tabs and plastic bags to give them a good baking soda soak.

    As for wear and tear, it may be useful for you to travel with 2 pair. Many VFF owners have multitudes of them and they really don’t take up a whole lot of room in a travel bag! I’m retiring my jaya’s to strictly workout shoes once my sprints get here.

    Also, your VFFs had a fairly long life. They say a good pair of tennis shoes should last you about a year!

  36. I just bought the FFV spints and I really enjoy them. They seem to fit well but there is a little bit of space if I press on the back of the heel, should I be worried about this space if they don’t fit exactly. I would think this is less than a cm and so far I have had to issue with blisters or rubbing. I like the sprints because they seem easiest to get my toes into, I have only walked around and ran in them for maybe twenty minutes.

  37. My husband and I are hoping to each get a pair of VFFs soon. I was originally going to buy the Classics for myself, but I’m considering the KSOs and Sprints now. I’ll be using them for casual wear like any other shoe, but I also intend to start walking more with them, and I’m looking for a good pair to use while spending time in the water (rivers, the ocean).

    The KSOs come in incredibly ugly colors for women, so I’m thinking of getting the Classics or Sprints, but I’m torn as to what I should do! If the Classics won’t slide off your foot too easily, I’d prefer to get them. I’ve been seeking out reviews for the Sprints and Classics and I haven’t found much elaboration on how well they stay on the foot. Your review of the Sprints has been pretty helpful though!

    Any suggestions?

  38. Not sure if anyone mentioned it above or not, but the site says NOT to dry them in the sun. That is my only complain … they take a long time to dry … What I read was that they recommend you buy two pairs if you wear them frequently. Why pay the company $100 for one pair when you can pay $200 for two???? Disappointing answer … but I do love the shoes.

  39. I purchased the Bikila model today and because of the chemical odor I decided to wash them (by hand) prior to wearing. They are silver/blue with no red to be seen but there is LOTS of red dye running from the stiching in the sink. I rinse it off and more bleeds out from the stitches on both shoes! All I can imagine is that there is some red cloth in the padded area above the stitching that’s not visible. Has anyone had a similar issue?

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