Photoshop Passport Photo Template v1.1

*Update Feb 2016* 
Due to the popularity of this template, I created a better and easier solution for both travelers and professional photographers. I’m happy to announce the launch of You can create passport photos online for FREE. For professionals, there is also a new updated template and expanded service that automates many photo sizes. Go check it out!

Photoshop Passport TemplateIn order to speed up the process of taking and processing passport photos, i created a Photoshop passport template which I’m releasing for free for nonprofit use. The template has been tested and I used it to process photos for my passport. Basic instructions for use are included in the readme.txt file in the archive, or a tutorial with screenshots is available after the jump. This template is not currently working with Adobe Photoshop Elements for most people.

Commercial License
If you are a professional photographer and wish to use this template for commercial uses, please purchase a license for only $20. Though an updated version is available at
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Personal License (Free)
Click Here to download the Photoshop Passport Template v1.1

The purpose of this template is to simplify the creation of two 2×2 inch photos required for the U.S. passport application. When used correctly, photos processed with the template meet sizing requirements as denoted by the U.S Department of State. This template was designed to speed up the sizing process, and produces a document that can be printed on your home computer or at a local photo lab. Photos processed with this template have been accepted for use in U.S. passport applications.

How to Use

(Click on screenshots for larger versions)
Tutorial Version 1.1

1. Open PassportTemplate_v1.psd in Photoshop.
Tutorial Image 1

2. Open photo to be used as passport photo in Photoshop. To take a photo that meets background and composition requirements read over the U.S Department of State guide located at
Tutorial Image 2

3. Drag passport photo into the template and position layer directly above GreyBG in the layer group entitled Place Photo in Here Above GreyBG.
Tutorial Image 3

4. The first step is to size the head in the photo using theHead Size Ruler Using Free Transform (CTRL-T), re-size the photo so that the head falls within the confines of the ruler. The ruler is drag-able using Photoshop’s move tool, so if its not positioned in a useful place move it to an area that helps you. When you’re done with the tool, feel free to move it off the image.
Tutorial Image 4

5. Horizontally center the photo using the vertical Face Center Line as a guide. If necessary, rotate your image. The Face Center Line guide should be equally dividing your face.

6. Using the Eye Line as a guide, vertically center the photo making sure that the eyes fall within the middle of the two outside lines, and if possible close to the center eye line.
Tutorial Image 5

7. Duplicate the layer group titled Place Photo in Here Above GreyBG, and drag it to a new position that is not covering the original photo.
Tutorial Image 6

8. Hide the Template layer group.
Tutorial Image 7

9. Save the resulting document. The options are up to you, but .JPG with a compression of 10 will work fine for most purposes. If you wish, you could also save the .PSD so you can make corrections at a later date if required.
Tutorial Image 8

10. Print the photo on 4×6 paper via your inkjet with photo paper (if your printer produces good quality photos), or print it using a photo lab. Any lab that prints 4x6s will work, which is pretty much all of them. These photos are incredibly useful when traveling, you will use them on every thing from visa applications to identification cards. I highly recommend bringing at least 10 extra photos with you for any overseas trip.

11. Cut the photos out.

I hope you find this template and tutorial useful. The template has been downloaded and used by thousands of people. If you compare the amount charged by a typical location such as Kinko’s or USPS, I estimate that the collective savings from everyone using this template is well over $20,000. If you found this template useful, please tell your friends about it. If anyone has questions about how to use the template, please use the comment system below. As I don’t have a lot of time to offer personal support for the non-commercial license, I hope the community of people using this can help each other out. I thank everyone for making this template a success.

*Update Feb 2016* 
Due to the popularity of this template, I created a better and easier solution for both travelers and professional photographers. I’m happy to announce the launch of You can create passport photos online for FREE. For professionals, there is also a new updated template and expanded service that automates many photo sizes. Go check it out!

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  1. I have been working with your program and am successful up until I try to drag the duplicated layers. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?

    W. Anastopolous

  2. Very nice template, thanks. At the bottom, the word “creators” needs an apostrophe; thus, creator’s permission. It’s a small thing, but professionalism is made up of many small things.


  3. I was about to pay money for passport photos today and thought: “Why should I have to go to some sketchy copy shop for this?”

    Thanks for putting this together.

  4. great! I was hoping there was something like this on the web! Walgreens took the worst photo of me ever I knew I was going to have to do it myself!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE TEMPLATE!!!

  5. gracias muchas gracias por el template excelente
    thank you very much its work great i had ready modify to 1.00 for 1.20 and works perfect than kou very ch muchas gracias jose

  6. Thanks very much for your work, it will save me a few bob for myself and my missus. Thanks again.

  7. When I try to stretch my photo to encompass the 2 x 2 gray background, my image stays within the ruler, but my head distorts and looks thinner in order to cover up the gray background. How am I supposed to fill the gray area with the photo while not distorting my image?

  8. I’m having problems with getting the photo in front of the grey, but behind the white. In other words, the 2×2 area is not hiding the outside of my photo. Any suggestions? I’m helping out our church for a overseas mission trip by printing everyone’s pp photo. This will save us a lot of money and is truly a Godsend.

  9. This is great. Could you show me how I can change the dimensions for say 3×4. My home country passport uses 3 by 4. Thanks in advance.

  10. Thanks, everything worked like a charm, yet to pick up the pictures but the template is perfect.
    The only thing it says on the template that it is version 1 and you position it as 1.1,

    Thanks and best of luck!

  11. Three and a half years later and your template was put to good use. My children and I thank you for not having to wait in the estimate 2 hour line for “official” passport photos.

  12. This was a great find. Needed to print photos for my son to go on an overseas trip as a graduation gift from a really good family friend and this came in handy and saved us time and money. Template was easy to use and it’s awesome that you shared it.

    Thanks bunches.

  13. I sized the head to the max on the template. When I went to pick them up at Wallmart the head was 1/8 of an inch bigger then passport requirement. I guess Walmart slightly magnifies the pictures.
    I had to make a second batch with smaller head and that worked out ok.
    Just for your information, maybe it will save someone some time.
    Thanks for a great template!

  14. Stuck on the copy layer part. Apparently the same problem #3 Will Anastopolous had. I am either just too stupid to figure it out or I don’t know. So far it has been a waste of my time. Thanks any way.

  15. @David and all who are stuck at duplicate layer “Place Photo in Here Above GreyBG”

    1. Once you duplicate the layer, rename it as “duplicate GreyBG”

    2. Make sure this layer is highlighted in the ‘Layers’ window, and then click and drag your pic downwards until a grey box is positioned directly below your pic. You can press ‘shift’ on your keyboard when dragging, which will help you position the grey box better.

    3. Now duplicate the layer containing your pic and rename it “duplicate image”

    4. Make sure the layer ‘duplicate image’ is highlighted, and click and drag your pic downwards once again. Move this image into the grey box that you had dragged down in step 2.

    Hope this helps! Hide the unwanted layers before saving the file for printing.

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  17. Very nice. Thank you for providing this. Step 3 threw me off until I realized I had the layer group collapsed. When I expanded it, then I knew exactly where to put the picture.

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