If you’ve been browsing under a rock for the past few months and haven’t heard about Skype yet, its time to be enlightened. Skype is a FREE “voice chat” like service, but unlike every other similar services it actually works. You can talk to people all over the world absolutely free, or if you find land lines intriguing, for a small fee you can place calls to them. Skype has been getting a lot of publicity via the Podcast community, and for good reasons. With Skype you can call into shows and ask questions or even record your own podcasts with your friends across the country. I highly recommend downloading this program and after you do, feel to add w3designer to your friends list.

Photoshop CS2 Changes Banknote Handling

In an apparent change from Adobe Photoshop CS, Photoshop CS2 now allows you the ability to open and edit banknote images. Though it warns that if you try to print it, it will not print “as is,” though if you do try to print you are faced with a second dialog box stating that fact you can’t print at all.

Opening Dialog Box
CS2 Dialog box
click image for full screenshot
Printing Dialog Box
CS2 Printing Dialog box

Darth Blogger…

Yep, even Darth Vader has his own blog. The articles are hilarious though, check it out.
“I could feel the presence of my son, but he was not at the base. The good news is that as I came into the rebel landing bay I saw the renegade Han Solo escorting the traitor Leia Organa aboard the same Corellian freighter that we captured them in last year. And do you know who else was with them? C-3P0!
Talk about a blast from the past!”

FOTD 04/26/2005: The lost continent of Oceania?

So while researching a paper on exporting to Australia I ran into a fact that it seems that every geography teacher I’ve ever had just simply failed to mention. The continent that Australia lies on is not actually called Australia, but rather Oceania, or is it? So far, from what I’ve been able to find online it seems that it really depends on who you ask. So what do you think? Comment and let me know.

a few sources:

On a side note, does anyone else find it odd that the CIA site uses the netscape icon as their favicon? <---Update: they fixed it