Facts of the Day

Since writing a full article everyday like I planned just doesn’t fit into my current schedule, I thought up concept that would help keep a steady flow of content into Gnar! There is that old saying that goes “you learn something new everyday,” but what exactly DO you learn each day that you didn’t know before? Well that’s where my new concept steps in. In an attempt to log the little bits of information I acquire throughout my daily life I’m going to post my findings to Gnar! Given that knowledge gained can be a very broad subject I’m going to leave it that way, very open and not pertaining to a specific overall subject. With this in mind I’ll move on to the first of what I’m calling “facts of the day,” or “FOTD.”

FOTD #1 04/24/2005: View layer mask PS CS.
I work with Photoshop a lot, and anyone that knows me can vouch for this, so every time I stumble onto a new feature I’m absolutely amazed that I hadn’t somehow stumbled onto it before. So last week when I was editing a logo I accidentally held the ALT key while I clicked on the layer mask and was amazed that what I saw is the layer mask that I was working on! At first I thought I somehow copied the layer mask and pasted onto my working layer, but then I did it again and it went away. In short, to view the layer mask you are working in Photoshop CS, simply hold the ALT key while clicking on the layer mask in the layers panel, and to exit from the view hold ALT and click on it again!

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