Photoshop CS2 Changes Banknote Handling

In an apparent change from Adobe Photoshop CS, Photoshop CS2 now allows you the ability to open and edit banknote images. Though it warns that if you try to print it, it will not print “as is,” though if you do try to print you are faced with a second dialog box stating that fact you can’t print at all.

Opening Dialog Box
CS2 Dialog box
click image for full screenshot
Printing Dialog Box
CS2 Printing Dialog box


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  1. hmm, this is interesting.

    i never knew the same thing would show up on photoshop cs, except i cant even import a scanned bill on the first version of photoshop cs.

    anyhow, what hppens if you chop the image in 3 slices when you scan it?

  2. My question is, how does photoshop know it’s a banknote? Can you do a screenshot > paste > save as .jpg > print?

  3. Basically we know that it uses proprietary code to detect the currency that probably uses some sort of pattern detection, but we really don’t know because they aren’t telling:) While making screenshots for the article, whenever I pasted the screenshot in to Photoshop CS2 I got the same warning dialog box, but if I copy the images that I saved to the web, then I didn’t get it the box.
    In response to Bruce: I scanned in a third of U.S. 20 dollar bill and I still get the dialog box, I then took a print screen of the image viewed at 33 percent and pasted in into Photoshop and you guessed it, it still shows up. So the counterfeit deterrence system (CDS) that Photoshop uses is pretty good. Though theoretically you could save the high quality image and print in a program that doesn’t employ CDS technology.

  4. it doesnt stop you from printing in another application, but photoshop is the most powerful image editing app and they try to retrict you from printing bills… they have cracks on the internet that remove those restrictions though.. they detect the notes being loaded based off of algorithms

  5. after reading this, and looking further into it, i tried scanning in a ten, as well as a twenty. both without being told anything from photoshop cs about not being allowed to print them. then again, the photoshop i was using at the time doesn’t exactly work as a fully-installed application, so that may have something to do with it. another issue may be the resolution at which i scanned the bills at? not sure.

  6. I know what you people are talking about the photoshop CS2 is a hard program to use when useing banknotes but with CS2 you can upload them but not printing i want to know how to print them so bad but i have yet to find one program that will do so if any one knows email me at ty

  7. I was trying to do a joke for a family member’s birthday putting their head on a 10 pound note.. I tried everything pasting into all kind of programs. Opening in a web browser, paint, you name it. I also believe my printer was picking up something as it didnt print a thing no matter where I tried to print from. I even took a photo of my monitor of the note and it still refused! I even cloned out some of the main parts of the note so it didnt even have the logo or serial numbers etc. Photoshop CS3 would open it after a diaglogue box, but CS4 will not even open it. Gave up!

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