Old Barns of Iowa

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with old barns.
I can remember driving to my grandparents house in Iowa and staring out the window searching for the old broken down barns. This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel around some hilly back roads of Iowa searching for barns of my childhood. Here are some photo’s from the trip.

Old Barns of Iowa 1
Old Barns of Iowa 2
Old Barns of Iowa 3
Old Barns of Iowa 4
Old Barns of Iowa 5
Old Barns of Iowa 6

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  1. I have a collection of old barn pictures too, having lived most of my childhood on various ranches in Washington during the depression.

    Would be interested in a B&W picture of me Great Uncle’s homestead? It had to be taken in the erly 1900’s or before. It was in Washington, near what my Dad called “Big Bend” country along the Columbia River.

    You have some god ones here. Tanks for posting them.

  2. The art you hav presented is really wonderful! And I would to ‘posterize’ it for printing about 23 small books to add to the flavor. I’m at the end of life and would love for my childrens children to see the stories alive, my better half says it is BS but I can pull a story out of the air and intertain the kids. They are polite and like them.
    What I am asking is your premission, (I would want some one to ask, rather then not)! It is for my kids to have something of me when I am gone, and that is it!

  3. I want to start off by saying I love all the photographs you have taken of the old barns. I have just moved to South Iowa and have become mezmorized by these structures. Can you tell me the locations of the barns you have photographed and/or remote areas where I can travel and photograph beautiful structures for myself?

  4. Thank you. All my extended family lives in Iowa and I don’t. All my favorite childhood memories are of the times I spent there.

  5. I draw pictures of Old Barns and Farm Scenes in pencil. I live in Iowa and travel around the area taking photos of old barns. Some of them are no longer there. I tell everyone to take a photo while you can because they may be gone forever if you wait.

  6. Love these photos! I am frm iowa myself, and am going home this summer, being a photographer also, I hope to get some old barn pics…but dont want to go to the normal barn tour locations. I will be near humboldt Iowa, are you aware of any barns in that location/area?

  7. I wasn’t on a tour when these were taken and was in the general area of the state that Humboldt is in. My suggestion is just to drive around the back roads for a while and have your camera ready.

  8. my family is from ceder rapides I now live on cape cod and paint I would like to paint your photo of this barn it is just what I remember from when I was 10 could you please send me a copy thanks I will send you a copy if you want me too

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