Tag: photojournalism

  • Biking the Penedès Wine Region, Spain

    I am doing a WorkAway in the Penedès Wine region of Spain a few hours outside of Barcelona. My host runs a wine tourism business which partly specializes in giving tours of the wine region on bike. This Sunday we set out for a 30km ride to see some of the sights around the area. Click […]

  • Juarez, Mexico. Photo Essay

    Killings show up every day in the news. Politicians on both sides of the border cast blame. Despite all drug related violence, the citizens of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico have to go on living their lives and have problems of their own to face. The current economic crisis is making it difficult to find jobs and […]

  • Concert: Lights, Lydia, Lovedrug, Copeland

    Aaron Marsh of Copeland. Omaha, NE @ Slowdown.

  • Old Barns of Iowa

    Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with old barns. I can remember driving to my grandparents house in Iowa and staring out the window searching for the old broken down barns. This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel around some hilly back roads of Iowa searching for barns of […]

  • Urban Poverty in China

    A man sleeping in Shanghai, China. The urban poor population of China is estimated to be as high as 37 million. To learn more about how you can help out please visit blogactionday.org