EU & UK Photoshop Passport Photo Template Release

*Update Feb 2016* 
Due to the popularity of this template, I created a better and easier solution for both travelers and professional photographers. I’m happy to announce the launch of You can create passport photos online for FREE. For professionals, there is also a new updated template and expanded service that automates many photo sizes. Go check it out!

EU & K Photoshop Passport Photo TemplateI have created a new version of my US Photoshop Passport Photo Template for European Union and United Kingdom passport and visa photos.

The template simplifies the creation of two 45x35mm photos required for many passport and visa applications and outputs to a standard print size of 15x10cm that can be printed at most photo labs. I took great care to make sure that it meets the sizing requirements set by the UK Home Office Identity and Passport Service, so it should work for most countries that require 45x35mm photos.

Here’s the best part: It is available for free for non-commercial use.

Head over to the template page to grab the download, and be sure to let me know what you think.

4 responses to “EU & UK Photoshop Passport Photo Template Release”

  1. Regarding the EU and UK passport photo template, for the UK, chin to crown measurement must be no more than 34 mm in height and at least 29 mm in height.

    Your template has a ruler with a ‘top of head’ area at the top of it. This extends from 34 mm down to 28 mm.

    The UK passport authorities may reject a photo where the head measures just 28 mm since their stated minimum is 29 mm.

  2. Do you have a template for MS WORD 2007, as i do not have photoshop on my PC.

    Alternatively, do you know where i can obtain such a template?

  3. Absolutely fantastic template. I ve used it many times for myself and for family photos. Thanks very much.
    Recently I’ve moved form PC to MAC and tried to use the template in GIMP and Pixelmator but could not get the photo layer inside the 2 x 2 frame no matter were I placed the photo layer. Any help to resolve this would be very helpful and gratefully accepted.

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