Geese over Lake Byron, South Dakota
Geese over Lake Byron, South Dakota. December 2008

I have been shooting some nature shots lately to build up my stock portfolio. While out one day at Lake Byron, South Dakota, I found this large flock of geese and created a few panoramics which I combined into one. Click to view the large version. Once loaded you can drag it around to view the whole photo.

Old Barns of Iowa

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with old barns.
I can remember driving to my grandparents house in Iowa and staring out the window searching for the old broken down barns. This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel around some hilly back roads of Iowa searching for barns of my childhood. Here are some photo’s from the trip.

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Lhasa Panoramic 2 HDR

This panoramic was captured from the front of Potala Palace and is looking over Lhasa, Tibet. It is comprised of four RAW images processed in Photomatix, and then combined in Photoshop. For a view of Lhasa from the back of Potala Palace check out my previously posted panoramic.

Lhasa Tibet Panoramic 2
Lhasa, Tibet. October 2007

When the image loads in the lightbox, click and drag to view the entire panoramic.