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  • Tiled Backgrounds: Is web style repeating itself?

    When I started designing websites almost 7 years ago, tiled backgrounds were the way to go. Sites had everything from wonderfully hideous animated flames to spectacular twinkling stars that were the hallmark of sci-fi web pages. But as more and more people logged on to the internet and demanded legibility and sites that didn’t burn […]

  • Blogging

    Presently blogging is nothing short of an online revolution. �Blog� is even the number one word of the year according to Merriam-Webster. Everywhere online you go it seems that people are latching on to this new concept and blog�s are popping up right and left. But what is a blog, who uses them, and are they for me? I will answer these questions and fill you in on the world of blogging so that you too can get started on your own blog.