Photoshop Passport Photo Template: US, EU & UK

EU & K Photoshop Passport Photo TemplateThe purpose of this template is to simplify the creation of photos required for passport and visa applications. When used correctly, photos processed with the template meet sizing requirements as denoted by the U.S Department of State (US Version) and UK Home Office Identity and Passport Service (EU & UK Version). The template produces a standard photo (4x6in US or 15x10cm EU & UK) document that can be printed at a photo lab.

The template has been tested and I used it to process photos for my passport. Basic instructions for use are included in the readme.txt file in the archive, or a tutorial with screen shots is available here. This template is designed for the full version of Adobe Photoshop and does not work with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Personal License (Free)

US Version (2x2in photos): Download
EU & UK Version (45x35mm): Download

Commercial License

If you are a professional photographer and wish to use this template for commercial uses, please purchase a license for only $20.
This secure transaction is protected via Paypal. Click here to learn more about how Paypal protects you.

Commercial users are entitled to the following benefits:

  • You may resale the resulting photos produced with this template.
  • You may change or remove the branding to fit your photo studios needs.

20 responses to “Photoshop Passport Photo Template: US, EU & UK”

  1. Thank you so much for the time effort and energy you put into these templates. They’ve been a huge help to me for years.

  2. Hi there, super useful template for Photoshop. Unfortunately, when I print out the measurements of the printed version don’t reflect the requirements for UK sized photos (45mm by 35mm). Is there a setting in Photoshop that you need to have enabled to print true to the dimensions of the file? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you 🙂

    • Given that a few months have passed I hope you have already sorted this out. 🙂 For the sake of any other visitors to this page – the size of the canvas is for a 10cm x 15cm output. So to maintain the right size, make sure the “scale to fit paper” option is disabled and the output is at 100% size in the Photoshop print dialog.



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