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  • South Dakota Outdoors

    Geese. Lake Byron, South Dakota I have had the chance recently to get outdoors a bit and try my hand a nature photography. Below are some shots from some recent trips into the area surrounding Lake Byron, South Dakota followed by some commentary.

  • Credit Crunch

    MMMmmm.. The taste of economic destruction in the morning….

  • Geeseoramic

    Geese over Lake Byron, South Dakota. December 2008 I have been shooting some nature shots lately to build up my stock portfolio. While out one day at Lake Byron, South Dakota, I found this large flock of geese and created a few panoramics which I combined into one. Click to view the large version. Once […]

  • Concert: Lights, Lydia, Lovedrug, Copeland

    Aaron Marsh of Copeland. Omaha, NE @ Slowdown.

  • Old Barns of Iowa

    Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with old barns. I can remember driving to my grandparents house in Iowa and staring out the window searching for the old broken down barns. This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel around some hilly back roads of Iowa searching for barns of […]