Passport Photo Template Updated

*Update Feb 2016* 
Due to the popularity of this template, I created a better and easier solution for both travelers and professional photographers. I’m happy to announce the launch of You can create passport photos online for FREE. For professionals, there is also a new updated template and expanded service that automates many photo sizes. Go check it out!

I updated the passport photo template to reflect problems I had printing it at a local Wal-Mart. It looked too professional so they made me sign a release before they would give me my photos. I added a Creative Commons license to the template, so if anyone had problems in the past, they are now solved. Let me know if anyone has had problems with the new version. This template is designed for use in the full version and not Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Head over to the US Photoshop Passport Photo Template page to download.

For Sale: Motorla Q & Canon 10D

I decided to sell my new Motorola Q after Verizon replaced my last one. I got tired of paying for the ridiculously priced data plan, and it is absolutely necessary to have with the phone. So I have a brand new, never activated Motorola Q available with extended battery, and 2Gb Mini SD card available for $400. I should have an eBay auction up soon, but until then contact me for more info.

Also, I decided to get upgrade to the 20D or possibly 30D, so that means my 10D is for sale. It’s in good condition and has no problems that I know of. It will come in the original box with all original accessories and I’ll even throw in a 512mb compact flash card. I’m looking for $500, and will also be available on eBay soon.