Trip Lapse #2: Huron, SD to Rapid City,SD

This is my second attempt of a creating a “Trip Lapse.” It spans across most of the state of South Dakota starting in the East (Huron), and ending in the west (Rapid City). I set the camera to record an image every 3 seconds which helped the overall flow of the movie, but I ran into problems with mounting and windshield reflection that need to be addressed in the future. To address the problems I plan on building a magnetic enclosure and mount for the top of my car which should eliminate the glare. The video is running at 30 fps and is 10.1 MB.

Trip Lapse #1: Vermillion, SD to Huron, SD

Eastern South Dakota scenery isn’t all that great, maybe that’s one of the reasons why our interstate speed limits are set at 75mph. At any rate, today on my way back home from college I set my hooked my webcam up to my laptop and recorded what I’m calling a trip lapse. The camera took a photo every 10 seconds for the ‘scenic’ three hour journey and in all recorded 969 images. The movie is running at 12fps and the result is a little rough, but I look forward to experimenting with the technique further. I think one photo every 5 seconds will make it more fluid, but i don’t want to increase the length too much. The two towns you see in the video are Sioux Falls and Mitchell respectively.

Minneapolis Time Lapse #4

This time lapse was taken of downtown Minneapolis, MN with my old digital camera (Minolta DiMage 5), and assembled in After Effects. The actual time span of the time lapse is only around three hours, and contains exactly 98 images. For effect the lapse is played once forward then once backward. This clip is available for licensing for use in films or other projects and can be produced at resolutions up of 2048×1536 (3.2mp.) If interested please contact me for details.