This Will Destroy You @ Lido. Berlin, Germany

This Will Destroy You at Lido. Berlin, Germany

I had the opportunity to shoot This Will Destroy You at Lido in Berlin, Germany last Sunday. This Will Destroy You is an instrumental rock back from Texas that I discovered earlier in the year thanks to one of my favorite web comics, Questionable Content. Since then it’s been on non-stop playback. Check out the rest of the post for some more photos and some photo notes.

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City of Industry

A few of my friends and I had this great idea to form a band one night, record an EP, then break up all within a 24 hour period. So we gathered up an accordion, some small electric toy keyboards, a guitar, and of course my drums and put something together. The result is “City of Industry” and what we call the “Iceburgs! Iceburgs!” EP. We find the songs to be hilarious, even without lyrics, and we already have almost 400 plays after 2 days.

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