Stereotypical catch up post

Alright. There comes a time in every bloggers life where they forget about their blog for a while then one day half a year later they decide to take it up again and write a post about where they have been, this is that post.

Since last may when school ended I transferred to a new school (USD), joined a fraternity (Phi Delta Theta), and started working at the campus newspaper as a photographer. That’s about it, though today my lens (Canon 28-138mm IS USM) died and it’s on its way to Canon for repair. I’ve never dropped/abused/punted it across the room, but metal parts literally started falling out of the inside. GRRR, hopefully I get it back soon.

I also managed to launch, so check it out. I also plan on posting more photos here. Stay tuned for the next update.

*Post restored from google cache:) *

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