Seven Years Ago

As often happens in life, things get brushed aside.

Seven years ago I was at a grape harvest in the Penedès region of Spain, just outside of Barcelona. It was a beautiful day and I was eager to shoot photos as it was my first grape harvest, so the harvesters put up with me running around the vineyard. It’s a silly idea though when you think about it. I crawled around the dusty vines to get low shots of the pickers, climbed up a greasy truck to get some overview shots (and ruined my pants in the process), and all of this just to watch some guys who were just showing up for a day of work to pull some fruit off a vine.

I guess that’s much of photography, identifying simple things that are often overlooked and bringing a human element to the story.

We pick up the story where I left off years ago.

I have a backlog. 30+ countries later I haven’t stopped taking photos, I just stopped posting momentarily. Life gets in the way, work gets in the way, there are always excuses. Now it’s time to catch up.

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