Losing Customers 101

Today at college I learned a great business skill, how to lose paying customers, and I didn’t even have to step a foot into a classroom. Evidently my car was parked in a unauthorized parking zone so my landlord took the liberty of letting me know, not by calling me or warning me like a sensible business would do, but by pasting a huge “You screwed up” sticker on my car window. Now when I say sticker I mean it, it’s no wimpy window cling that will come off easily but it was probably engineered to be the most annoying sticker possible. So I called the police to file some sort of damage report and they were like “we are the Vermillion PD, we don’t actually do anything.” So I called my landlord and he was a complete jerk and compared me parking there to people jumping off bridges. GRR, In all I learned that I will be living in a different place next year because evidently they don’t care if they get money. Anyway, here are some pictures. (click them for high-resolution versions)

Parking Image 1
Parking Image 1

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